5 Best Strategies for Results in Inclusive Hiring

[Guest Blog by Talent Inclusion Partner, Karen Simpson, Women in Leadership at TD Bank in Toronto]

Karen is also a nominee for Canada's Top 100 Recruiter Awards.

Let's start this post with a question. Do you have diversity goals as part of your sourcing, recruiting and hiring strategy? My goal is that this post will inspire you to think very intentionally about your talent pipeline and hiring process so we can all become advocates for change and benefit from inclusive team environments.

Almost 3 years ago, I was hired to create a new strategic role at TD around mid-management female talent. I spend my days sourcing and championing external women into under-represented businesses typically focused around STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  

The process of creating a high-profile role from scratch is quite creative and exciting but it can also be daunting. I want to help you learn from some of the strategies that helped me get hiring results so we can all role model inclusive hiring practices: 

1. Be Passionate. You cannot fake passion. Do your homework, get involved and come up with a personal mantra that will help you 'walk the talk'. The beginning of my elevator pitch is, "I'm working myself out of a job". It always creates immediate interest and opens the door for conversations, whether trying to influence change in biased thinking with the hiring team or helping to capture the attention of candidates. I have a clearly defined goal and truly look forward to the day this is no longer an issue.

2. Inclusion Branding. I'm often asked where to start with branding. In response I ask what story they might have relating to inclusion and diversity. A personal connection or story is absolutely the best place to start. As an agent, corporate recruiter or hiring manager, you can immediately start advocating and branding the importance of diversity and inclusion by following and sharing posts from leaders in this space. Go to events, follow initiatives, join groups, become a champion and ally. Sharing your learning and interest on social media will start to impact who is drawn to your profile.   

3. Build a Champion Network. I immediately knew this could not be a 'one woman show', I had to create a roster of champions across our challenged businesses who could help influence hiring and participate in bold initiatives externally. My network of champions is comprised of my Talent Acquisition colleagues along with leaders and employees at all levels of the organization.

"Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change." ~ Barbara Mikulski

4. Evaluate your recruiting process. Review your postings for power words and jargon, consider where you post, do you have standardized questions that focus on bona fide requirements for all candidates? Identifying and removing bias from your approach to screening and appraising talent will impact who responds to your postings and how they feel coming out the other end. If you are trying to hire women and you don't have any women involved in the interview process, this is a problem.

5. Go find them!  There is female and diverse talent in every industry and in every role. Announcing there just isn't any talent not only isn't true, that mindset is not going to help you find the talent you want to attract. I have sourced and secured successful offers for highly credentialed female talent across all the most difficult STEM sectors; development, system architecture, capital markets, investments, engineering and infrastructure. They are out there, go find them. Oh, by the way, pay them appropriately if you want to keep them.

Imagine how you can differentiate your recruiting work or business if you intentionally focus on presenting an inclusive shortlist to your clients.

It's not difficult to come to work or leave happy at the end of the day when you know you are making a difference in the community and providing more innovative and profitable team environments for companies you represent.

My 'Call to Action' for you is to proactively create clear and transparent intention to hiring inclusive talent.

About the Author

Karen Simpson, Top Recruiter Nominee.

Karen Simpson is a Talent Inclusion Partner at TD Bank, specializing in the national recruitment of Women in Leadership roles across Canada from Toronto, ON. She is also a nominee for Canada's Top 100 Recruiters. To see Karen’s client recommendations, login at www.toprecruiter.co


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Karen Simpson, one of Canada’s Top 100 Recruiters recruiting women in leadership for TD Bank from Toronto, Ontario.
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